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Don’t miss out on your Family Assistance

May 28, 2015

Portrait of unhappy adult couple having problemsDo you claim Family Tax Benefits, Child Care Benefits or Single Income Family supplement?


If you want to claim family assistance payments for the 2014 financial year you HAVE TO lodge a claim with the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) by June 30th 2015.


To get your full payments you and your spouse must have lodged your 2014 income Tax return. If you don’t lodge it by June 30 you will not receive all your entitlements.


This applies to payments that are a lump sum payment, as well as when payments have been received throughout the year.

Even a delay of just one day means you will not be paid your full Family Assistance payments.


This applies to taxpayers who will claim for:

  • Family Tax Benefit

  • Child Care Benefit

  • Single Income Family Supplement (SIFS).



WARNING:  A deferral past 30 June for tax matters will not be taken into account by Centrelink.

Those who don’t need to lodge a 2014 tax return must notify Centrelink by the June 30 deadline or risk losing their payments.